Thursday, April 5, 2007

Progress Update


The first update post!,
But first:

We need more teammembers:

- 1 Character modeller
- 1 Weapon modeller
- 1/2 Concept artists
- 1 Texture artist
- 1 Animator
- 1 Sound Artist

If you're interested contact Silencer:


Here's a quick summary of what we've done/are doing so far:


-Primary weapon placeholder made
-.OBJ load function implanted
-2 Character models ready for textures
-2 Weapon models ready for textures

Working on:

-Engine .OBJ/Shadow problem:


"Joe told me about the bad performance with the character models in the engine. Today I found out that the shadow optimization is not functioning for OBJ models, resulting in 3*(trianglecount) of shadows to be generated. I'm fixing this now and the scenes with OBJ models in them should be speed up considerably."

-Uving the first real weapon model
-Working on another character

Oh, I'd like to introduce all of the Team members:

-Silencer; Project Leader - Mapping/Lead Coder
-Joecatshoe (Gert); Texture Artist

And our 3 latest team members:

-moH; Weapons (Modelling)
-Evilkipje (Rik) ; Concept art
-Angel (
Julien) ; Mapping/Webdesign

And myself:

- .//D3an (Dean) ; Character design

Sneakpreview of the first weapon model (W.I.P.) :
[Done by moH]